Building Tiny Container Homes!n

Yes I am going into the manufacturing of the COOLEST STEALTH tiny container home – 160 square feet – on the Planet that we are going to offer as DEALERSHIPS first to our US military VETERANS or even ACTIVE ones!

About 6 months ago I saw this tiny shipping container home on HGTV and KNEW this was the one I wanted to get involved with! I tried to find our how to contact the manufacturer on the HGTV website.


I even contacted the producers of the Tiny Home segment.


I contacted my LinkedIn friend Steve VP of Programming at HGTV.


So I gave up until last week when GOD nudged me to look at Google again.


I contacted them and found out that GOD’S timing was as always PERFECT!

Adam the creator of this tiny home was at a stage in his life where he needed my years of experience as a serial entrepreneur especially in marketing.

I needed to find a product that was NEEDED so that my veterans could have an ongoing business without having to invest a huge sum of money. To get involved as a dealer we are going to offer our vets and active military the opportunity to have an EXCLUSIVE territory for $12,5000 instead of the usual $25,000 and they will only have to purchase one container home for display and demo at an additional $30,000. Therefore they are getting this dealership for under $45,000 instead of the usual $55,000 – saving over $10,000! This includes a one night stay at our Florida HQ motel where they can then travel to the manufacturing facility.

So here are some more photos of our tiny container home:

Your lady friend is going to LOVE the bathroom which is usually the one area most tiny homes fail to do well! This one has over 30 square feet and a 6’5″ guy can stand in the shower!

GOD KNEW the timing for contacting Adam was coinciding with the devastation that would be coming with Hurricane Irma for Florida!

As you will note this Tiny Home can COMPLETELY shut up for protection from the type of winds associated with Hurricane Irma as it made landfall in the Keys – over 150 mph! In fact Adam believes it could withstand 200 mph winds when anchored to a concrete foundation!

To prevent water from coming into the container it should be on concrete pilings as those homes in Florida that survived the storm surge.

Stay tuned for more information as we prepare to launch the DEALERSHIP PROGRAM for vets and active military in Florida first!

Hugh Simpson

Executive Director

More Confirmation About Validity of Our Outdoors Fitness Program


Yes this is from Men’s Health August 2017 issue and this is EXACTLY like we wanted to offer in a park in Cobb County Georgia as a model! 

There are SO MANY exercises one can do just using what you see here! NO need for weights, resistance bands, kettle bells, etc. 

This configuration should be easy to install too!


Hugh Simpson

Executive Director & Cofounder

Greg Amundson Joins Our Project!


WOW what an honor to have Greg on board for our OUTDOOR WORKOUTS project!

Greg is a former deputy sheriff, DEA agent and captain in the US Army Military Police and served as a TAC for OCS. 

He is one of the pioneers of CROSSFIT and the creator of FIREBREATHER FITNESS and author of both God In Me and Firebreather Fitness

I emailed Greg hoping to hear back. He did not email back but CALLED me! 

Greg is one of my new mentors along with his mentor former US Navy SEAL Commander Mark Divine. 

Greg is 100% on board with the project. I emailed Greg back this morning to ask if he would be willing to develop the OUTDOOR WORKOUTS program for kids to seniors based on the FIREBREATHER FITNESS program. 

I know now we are on the way to getting Mark Divine, International Sports Science Association and even Jeff DeLuca, founder of Subway, on board to then take this project to President Trump!


Hugh Simpson


Coming Soon OUTDOOR WORKOUTS Across America! Part 1

As a long time certified ISAA fitness trainer – over 20 years – it is now my PASSION and VISION to create these OUTDOOR WORKOUT areas across America with our retired US military veterans taught through the International Sports Science Association (ISSA) fitness program now approved by the Department of Defense! 


Today especially our youngsters are NOT getting OUTDOORS as often as I did EVERY day with my neighborhood friends in my hometown of Jacksonville FL. They are spending way too much time glued to small smartphone to large HDTV screens with also tablets like this Apple iPad mini I am typing on! 

Another reason is that the OUTDOORS does not charge a monthly gym membership! Right here in my little town of Franklin NC is what you see in this video presentation; however the SAD thing is that VERY few people ever use it!

Here some reasons that using gyms could be VERY UNHEALTHY for you:

GERMS, BACTERIA, FUNGI, and VIRUSES love gyms particularly in the showers and pool decks. Also sweat left on benches and even equipment are breeding grounds for bacteria, not to mention towels, floors, and the railings and places you put your book or other things on those ever present stair steppers and treadmills.

Unless the gym is using HEPA filters you run the risk of picking up other people’s sickness like the flu or colds because you are in an ENCLOSED area with dozens or more people breathing the same air over and over! 

Here is a major hazard in a gym: WEIGHT MACHINES, which can pinch your hands and feet, catch your clothing or hair in the moving parts, and have worn out faulty cables with hundreds of pounds attached to them! Also the machines could be rusty and loose parts could cause serious injury.

Sure you experience spring time allergy season like I am suffering through right now but that is certainly less threatening than INDOOR gym health hazards!

Plus our retired vets LOVE the OUTDOORS! The majority I have spent time with tell me they could not function in FULL TIME INDOOR jobs!

I have spoken with Patrick Gamboa, the CEO of ISSA, and he LOVES the possibility of working with us on this project and even involving his suppliers.

Stay tuned for updates!

Hugh Simpson

FREE SALES Training!



He is considered the Number 1 SALES TRAINER IN THE WORLD! 

Grant started off in Lake Charles LA as a wild weed smoking bar fighting LOSER who today is worth $100,000,000 and owns over 4000 apartments! NO he did not grow up RICH! He grew up where his hardworking Dad died when Grant was 10 and his Mom then had to support two boys and a girl.

One thing about Grant was that from the age of EIGHT he KNEW he wanted to be RICH!

Checkout his FREE offer HERE

Hugh Simpson 


Pole Building Part 4


Some of you have asked about how to make sure the POLES last.

Good question.

So here from the author of Low Cost Pole Building Construction is the answer they gave:

“Companies which sell these and poles used in pole buildings strip the bark and then spray them with fungicides, which inhibit the attack of micro organisms. Then the poles are pressure-impregnated with one of several preservatives.” 

Others asked which are the best type of trees to use?

*Western larch

*Southern yellow pine

*Pacific Coast Douglas fir

*Lodgepole pine

*Jack pine 

*Red and Norway pine

*Ponderosa pine

*Western red cedar 

*Northern white cedar

With this large variety you should be able to find one that works in your area.

Hugh Simpson


Pole Building Part 3


Here are reasons POLE BUILDING is catching on now like this Down Under home:

*Limited graded needed and NO excavation except digging for the poles. This allows for little destruction of the building area therefore not disturbing nature i.e. tree roots and top soil.

*LOWER building costs even if you require a steep hillside location.

*NO delays for curing a cement foundation as there is not one!

*Build way more cheaply as prices for building a home increase.

*This way of building allows for more DIY – do it yourself.

*GREAT for tiny home living!

I am sure you can add even more POSITIVES! 

Hugh Simpson


Pole Building Part 2


Yes you can build BARNS in addition to cattle sheds, poultry houses, tool sheds, etc.

You can also build HOMES too!

POLE BUILDING dates back to the Stone Age and the Hidatsa of the Missouri valley lived in “circular wooden homes 30 to 40 feet in diameter with 5 foot walls made of tree trunks and four central columns 14 feet high supporting rafters carrying branches” according to Amos Rapoport in House Form and Culture.

Rapoport discusses how POLE structures dealt with resistance to lateral forces i.e. wind and earthquakes.

“The Figi Islands provide a number of examples of methods of dealing with the lateral force problem. In some areas the roofs are very simple and supported by central poles as well as peripheral columns. Since these poles are buried deep in the ground, the building acts as a rigid frame although the flexibility of the members themselves assures some flexibility.”

Great for building in hurricane and earthquake prone areas!

Hugh Simpson